Ningbo Doppler Communication Co., Ltd.

In 2010, Ningbo Doppler Communication Co., Ltd. was founded by management and technical experts from different industries.
Doppler Communication specializes in the OEM services of communication equipment, power distribution and network connection. We have professional R&D teams, production equipment, complete product testing technology and scientic quality management system.

Equipment center

Doppler’s technology will improve your life
Strong and complete processes, top and precise on-line inspection method
Guarantee every Doppler’s product precise and durable.

Enterprise honor

We understand the trend of automation and IT, know customers’ demand development.
Stick to the principle of self-development and technology innovation,build advanced engineering
Technology center ,have latest patents, support products’ excellent performance

Quality system

Doppler regards quality as the basic of enterprise existence and adopts advanced management method
Our products apply to performance/quality certifications of UL,DELTA,3P,ETL,Ministry of Information Industry of PRC and many other international stands.
We have also received popular comments from our customers in Europe,USA and other countries.